How is Neupogen taken

Always use Neupogen® exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist if you are not sure.
How is Neupogen® given and how much should I take?
Neupogen® is usually given as a daily injection into the tissue just under the skin (known as a subcutaneous injection). It can also be given as a daily slow injection into the vein (known as an intravenous infusion). The usual dose varies depending on your illness and weight. Your doctor will tell you how much Neupogen® you should take.
Patients having a bone marrow transplant after chemotherapy: you will normally receive your first dose of Neupogen® at least 24 hours after your chemotherapy and at least 24 hours after receiving your bone marrow transplant.
You, or people caring for you, can be taught how to give subcutaneous injections so that you can continue your treatment at home. However, you should not attempt this unless you have been properly trained first by your health care provider.
How long will I have to take Neupogen®?
You will need to take Neupogen® until your white blood cell count is normal. Regular blood tests will be taken to monitor the number of white blood cells in your body. Your doctor will tell you how long you will need to take Neupogen®.
Use in children
Neupogen® is used to treat children who are receiving chemotherapy or who suffer from severe low white blood cell count (neutropenia). The dosing in children receiving chemotherapy is the same as for adults.
If you use more Neupogen® than you should
Do not increase the dose your doctor has given you. If you think you have injected more than you should, contact your doctor as soon as possible.
If you forget to use Neupogen®
If you have missed an injection, or injected too little, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Do not take a double dose to make up for any missed doses.
If you have any further questions on the use of this product, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Step-by-Step guide on how to inject Neupogen® Pre-Filled Syringe1

This section contains information on how to give an injection of Neupogen®.
Important: do not try to give yourself an injection unless you have received training from your doctor or nurse.
Neupogen® is injected into the tissue just under the skin. This is known as a subcutaneous injection.
Equipment that you need:
To give yourself a subcutaneous injection you will need:
a new pre-filled syringe of Neupogen®; and
alcohol wipes or similar.
What do I do before I give myself a subcutaneous injection of Neupogen®?
  1. Remove one tray containing a syringe from the refrigerator and leave at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes, or hold gently in your hand for a few minutes. This will make the injection more comfortable. Do not warm Neupogen® in any other way (for example, do not warm it in a microwave or in hot water).
  2. Do not shake the pre-filled syringe.
  3. Place the tray in your hand and peel the paper off the tray.
  4. Flip the tray to place the pre-filled syringe onto your palm.
  5. Do not remove the needle cover until you are ready to inject.
  6. Check the expiry date on the pre-filled syringe label (EXP). Do not use it if the date has passed the last day of the month shown.
  7. Check the appearance of Neupogen®. It must be a clear and colourless liquid. If there is discolouration, cloudiness or particles in it, you must not use it.
  8. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  9. Find a comfortable, well-lit, clean surface and put all the equipment you need within reach.
How do I prepare my Neupogen® injection?
Before you inject Neupogen® you must do the following:
  1. To avoid bending the needle, securely grasp the pre-filled syringe by the glass barrel. Gently pull the cover from the needle without twisting as shown in pictures 1 and 2.
  2. Do not touch the needle or push the plunger.
  3. You may notice a small air bubble in the pre-filled syringe. You do not have to remove the air bubble before injecting. Injecting the solution with the air bubble is harmless.
  4. You can now use the pre-filled syringe.
Where do I give my injection?
The best places to inject are the top of your thighs and the abdomen. If someone else is injecting you, they can also use the back of your upper arms.
You may change the injection site if you notice the area is red or sore.

Disposing of used syringes:
Do not put the cover back on used needles, as you may accidentally prick yourself.
Keep used syringes out of the reach and sight of children.
Syringes should not be thrown out in the household rubbish. Your pharmacist will know how to dispose of used syringes or syringes no longer needed.


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