Treating Osteoporosis

Treating and MANAGING osteoporosis

Treating osteoporosis is important because the condition can lead to broken bones (fractures).1 Osteoporosis can be detected early and the risk of broken bones can be reduced.2
Because osteoporosis causes your bones to become brittle and more fragile, falls can become more common. Lifestyle changes and keeping active can help to prevent falling. Food supplements, such as calcium and vitamin D, and drug treatments, such as Prolia®, can strengthen bones which can reduce your risk of a fracture.

Managing osteoporosis

Changing what you eat and becoming more active can help reduce your risk of osteoporosis. You can download the Paula Mee's booklet on Eating Well for Bone Health for more information on lifestyle changes which can help manage osteoporosis
Chef Eunice Power has prepared 3 easy to cook recipes, containing delicious ingredients that are proven to support the maintenance and improvement of bone health.
See the 3 recipes below.


Salmon, Avocado and Lime Ceviche

Eunice Power
Celebrity Chef

A Classic Fish Pie

Eunice Power
Celebrity Chef
Feta & Honey_Thumbnail

Feta and Honey Cheesecake

Eunice Power
Celebrity Chef


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